Las Cruces High School Class of 1965
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Las Cruces High School Class of 1965 - Classmates

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Number of classmates: 816
Abalos, Pedro Gamboa 'Pete' (Deceased)
Abbott, Lee K. View Biography (Deceased)
Acosta, Beatrice (Missing)
Adams, Helen Jane (Unlisted)
Adduddell, Michelle Scott (Missing)
Agosto, Bernabe R. (Missing)
Alberson, Sharon View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Aldridge, Helton Malone (Missing)
Alexander, Andrew Dallas (Unlisted)
Allen, Jack Emanuel (Unlisted)
Allen, Judith (Unlisted)
Allen, Leana (Unlisted)
Alvarez, Edward Chavez (Unlisted)
Alvarez, Gloria Jean (Missing)
Alvarez, Sylvia (Unlisted)
Alvillar, Ignacio Estrada (Unlisted)
Anaya, Priscilla Ann (Missing)
Andersen, Arlin Jay View Biography (Deceased)
Anderson, Betty Ann (Missing)
Anderson, Nancy A. Email Address Personal Website
Anderson, Richard Hirman (Missing)
Anderson, Robert Alvin (Missing)
Anderson, Wayne View Biography (Deceased)
Andrada, Robert Pena (Deceased)
Apodaca, Louie (Missing)
Apodaca, Raymond Duran (Missing)
Apodaca, Rudy Fernandez (Unlisted)
Apodaca, Sylvia Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address YIM Screenname
Aranda, Delia (Missing)
Archuleta, Cecilia (Missing)
Archuleta, Delores (Missing)
Archuleta, Raymond (Missing)
Armell, Robin Ayers (Deceased)
Arnold, Susan View Biography Email Address
Atafua, Alofa V. (Nellie) (Missing)
Avalos, Sammy (Missing)
Aven, Dorothy Mae (Deceased)
Axtell, Tony Lee (Unlisted)
Aycock, Alana Sue (Missing)
Azevedo, Donna Lynne Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Baca, Freddie James (Deceased)
Baca, Juan Torres (Deceased)
Bailey, Linda Faye (Deceased)
Bailey, Raymond (Missing)
Baker, David Lory (Unlisted)
Baker, Jo Lynn Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Baldon, Samuel (Unlisted)
Baldonado, Mary Ann Flores (Deceased)
Bamert, Russell View Biography Email Address
Barela, Alfredo Mayers (Freddie) (Deceased)
Barela, David Roy (Missing)
Barela, Dolores Ann (Missing)
Barela, James Lawrence View Biography (Deceased)
Barela, Richard A (Deceased)
Barker, Coleman D. (Deceased)
Barker, Patricia Louise (Missing)
Barrera, Bobby (Robert M.) (Unlisted)
Barrett, Michael Dennis (Mike) (Unlisted)
Barrio, George Albert (Deceased)
Barrios, Maria (Linda) (Missing)
Bashaw, Carole Ann (Deceased)
Bauman, Jane Kathleen (Missing)
Beckman, Corinne Marie (Deceased)
Belarde, Ernest (Ernie) (Missing)
Benavidez, Albert C. (Deceased)
Benavidez, Edwardo Marquez (Missing)
Benting, Allan Paul (Unlisted)
Berroteran , Henrietta View Biography & Photo (Unlisted)
Betancourt, Ray C. (Unlisted)
Billings, Mary Lynn (Missing)
Billups, Barbara Ann (Unlisted)
Bishop, Rene (Unlisted)
Bittick, Helen Kay View Biography (Deceased)
Blackburn, Jessie Gene (Missing)
Blackwood, Diana Jean (Missing)
Bledsoe, Yvonne Diane (Missing)
Blessingame, Ronald Clifford (Unlisted)
Blevins, Dwayne Phone Numbers Email Address
Borunda, Jerry M. (Missing)
Borunda, Rosie Villa (Missing)
Brandon, Emily Lee (Deceased)
Brill, Joyce Lynn (Missing)
Britton, Barbara Lynn (Unlisted)
Bromilow, Neil View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Brookerson, Georgia (Missing)
Brooks, Janis (Missing)
Brooks, Terry Joe (Missing)
Brown, Forrest View Biography (Unlisted)
Brown, Kenneth Ray (Deceased)
Bruns, Albert John (Sam) (Unlisted)
Bryant, David Michael (Unlisted)
Bryant, Helen (Missing)
Bueno, Israel Salcedo (Deceased)
Buhl, Barbara Carolyn (Missing)
Bullard, James Henry (Unlisted)
Bundschuh, Carla Diane (Unlisted)
Bunyea, Walter Clifford (Deceased)
Burke, Ronald Eugene (Unlisted)
Burnett, Margret Anni (Missing)
Bush, James Newman (Unlisted)
Bush, Jorene (Missing)
Bustillos, Mike (Deceased)
Bustillos, Roberto C. (Missing)
Butler, Cleda Alice (Deceased)
Butler, George Alexander (Deceased)
Butler, Karen Ann (Missing)
Byers, Linda View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Byers, Lynn Wayne (Unlisted)
Bynum, Barbara Dale (Deceased)
Cadena, Josephine Ramos (Missing)
Cahoon, Leon (Missing)
Calderon, Rosie Blanca (Missing)
Calzada, Patricia Barela (Missing)
Campbell, Colin Lee (Unlisted)
Campbell, Lynn (Missing)
Campos, Tony (Missing)
Camunez, Barbara Email Address
Carbine, Arthur Joseph (Unlisted)
Cardon, MaryLou Cano (Missing)
Carlson, Richard Carroll (Missing)
Carnes, Keith View Biography Email Address (Deceased)
Carpenter, Gerrilyn Janell (Missing)
Carrigan, Joseph Carl (Missing)
Carrillo, Jennie Inez (Unlisted)
Carrillo, Manuel (Missing)
Carrillo, Natividad Astorga View Biography (Deceased)
Carrillo, Norma Maese (Unlisted)
Carrillo, Raymundo Cadena Email Address
Carroll, Richard Wayne (Unlisted)
Carter, Carol Ann (Missing)
Casner, Annette Loraine (Unlisted)
Cataldo, Shelley Diane (Deceased)
Charles, Henry Allan (Missing)
Chavez, Alex Raymond (Missing)
Chavez, Arturo S. (Missing)
Chavez, Flora (Missing)
Chavez, Joe (Missing)
Chavez, Lydia Sue (Unlisted)
Chavez, Manuela Nellie (Missing)
Chavez, Marcella B. View Biography (Deceased)
Chavez, Margarita J. (Maggie) (Unlisted)
Chavez, Richard B. (Missing)
Chilton, Lisa Email Address
Cierpik, Thomas Allan (Missing)
Clamon, James (Unlisted)
Clark, Cynthia Marie (Missing)
Clarke, Sandra Kay (Unlisted)
Clayton, Henry E. (Missing)
Clegg, Susie (Unlisted)
Cline, Robert Thomas (Missing)
Coble, Johnny (Unlisted)
Coleman, Keith (Missing)
Coleman, Sandra (Missing)
Coleman, William Paul (Missing)
Coleman, Willie (Missing)
Collins, Frankie Sue (Missing)
Comer, Barbara (Unlisted)
Conley, Gerald Nolan (Missing)
Conley, Greg (Deceased)
Connelley, James Albert (Skip) (Deceased)
Cook, Gail (Unlisted)
Cooley, William C. (Missing)
Cordero, Ricardo (Missing)
Craig, Carol Lee (Missing)
Crawford, Annabelle (Missing)
Crawford, William Favrot (Deceased)
Cromer, Linda Ann (Missing)
Cross, Jonell Lynn (Unlisted)
Cunningham, Gary (Unlisted)
Curry, Kathryn Sue (Missing)
Daly, Thomas Richard View Biography (Deceased)
Davies, Cheryl Ann (Deceased)
Davis, Carol Lorraine View Biography (Deceased)
Davis, Christine Marie (Unlisted)
Davis, Wesley Anderson (Unlisted)
Day, Michael Douglas (Missing)
Day, Rebecca (Deceased)
Deisterhoft, Richard (Deceased)
DeLong, Steve Craig (Missing)
DeLosh, Patricia (Unlisted)
DeMarco, Billy Joe (Deceased)
Dennard, Michael P. (Missing)
DeRosa, Carl Owen (Missing)
DeVillez, Shirley Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Diana, Nancy (Missing)
Diaz, Ana Concepcion (Missing)
Diaz, Bobby (Robert Martinez) (Unlisted)
Diaz, Gloria T. (Missing)
Diaz, Henry Flores (Missing)
Diaz, Kitty (Isabel R.) (Deceased)
Diaz, Raymundo Martinez (Unlisted)
Diaz, Robert B. (Unlisted)
Diaz, Ruth Palma (Missing)
DiMatteo, Carlos Abelardo (Missing)
DiMatteo, Josie Sara (Unlisted)
Dimock, Susan Carol (Unlisted)
Diorio, Patrick Pierre (Unlisted)
Dixon, Hoyt Lynn (Deceased)
Dixon, Jonathan Lee (Deceased)
Dodds, Thomas Mark (Missing)
Doolittle, Harry Lee (Deceased)
Dorbandt, Robert Lee (Deceased)
Dougherty, Nathan Lannon (Deceased)
Dregne, Sharon Margot (Deceased)
Duran, Lydia L. (Deceased)
Duran, Raymond P. (Deceased)
Duran, Richard Losoya (Deceased)
Duran, Ruth (Missing)
Duran, Stanley Gene View Biography Phone Numbers
Dyer, Leslie William (Missing)
Edwards, Cynthia Louise (Missing)
Elder, Frederick Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Elledge, Phil (Deceased)
Enriquez, David H. (Missing)
Enriquez, Juliet Nevarez (Missing)
Escalante, Bertha O. (Missing)
Escalante, Loretta Irma (Missing)
Espinoza, Rosa Sanchez (Missing)
Estrada, Gloria A. (Deceased)
Estrada, Virginia Linda (Missing)
Evans, Carlton View Biography (Unlisted)
Evans, Carol Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Evans, Katharine (Missing)
Everhart, Barbara (Unlisted)
Fajardo, Mary Grace (Missing)
Fernandez, Rudy (Unlisted)
Fielder, Robert Avron (Missing)
Fierro, Socorro View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers
finn, dennis Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Fletcher, Les Email Address
Flores, Arthur B. (Missing)
Flores, Irene Angela (Missing)
Flores, Jimmy T. (Missing)
Flyte, Paul Donavon (Deceased)
Ford, Joe Carl (Missing)
Franco, James (Missing)
Franco, Rudy G. (Missing)
Frausto, Edward (Missing)
Freedenthal, Chester Jay (Missing)
Friebertshauser, Mark Allen (Unlisted)
Fritz, Michael Barry (Missing)
Fugier, Ina Rae (Missing)
Furguson, Rose J. (Missing)
Gagnon, James Leo (Missing)
Gaines, Susan Kay (Missing)
Galaz, Minnie Guzman (Missing)
Gallegos, Arturo V. (Missing)
Gallegos, Eddie Lucero View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Gallegos, Guadalupe Lara (Missing)
Gallegos, Mary Rose (Missing)
Galvan, Josephine Barraza (Missing)
Gamboa, Victor (Missing)
Garcia, Arturo V. (Unlisted)
Garcia, Christina Alvarez (Missing)
Garcia, Emma Lydia View Biography (Deceased)
Garcia, Gilbert Lopez (Missing)
Garcia, Mary Helen (Missing)
Garcia, Robert G. (Missing)
Garcia, Sandra Mae (Missing)
Gardner, Leslie Michael (Missing)
Garrett, Janice (Unlisted)
Garriott, Beatrice Hernandez (Missing)
Garrison, Mittie Diane (Unlisted)
Garvey, Patricia Ann (Missing)
Gaume, Jack M. Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address YIM Screenname
Gearou, Catherine Ann (Unlisted)
Geiser, Richard Charles (Missing)
George, John Edward (Missing)
Getz, Terry W. (Unlisted)
Gibson, Shirley Mae (Missing)
Gilmer, David Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Giron, Adelfia (Missing)
Glacken, Patricia Alice (Missing)
Gledhill, Randy (RJ) (Deceased)
Gniffke, Paul Arthur (Unlisted)
Gomez, Jose (Missing)
Gomez, Josie (Missing)
Gomez, Phillip Ronald (Deceased)
Gonzales, Alice Portillo (Missing)
Gonzales, Irma R. (Unlisted)
Gonzales, Robert F. (Missing)
Gonzalez, Alpha (Missing)
Gonzalez, Eddie (Missing)
Gonzalez, Manuel A. (Missing)
Grafton, Ethyle Katherine (Unlisted)
Gray, Herbert Winthrop (Missing)
Gray, James Robert (Missing)
Green, Raymond (Missing)
Greenwood, David View Photo Email Address
Gregory, Carrol Jean (Missing)
Gribble, Charles Edwin 'Chuck' (Deceased)
Grider, Jim (Unlisted)
Griffin, Eula (Missing)
Grossman, Margaret H. (Deceased)
Groves, Mike Email Address Business Website
Guadian, Raul S. (Missing)
Gudenkauf, Barry (Bernard Joseph) (Deceased)
Guenes, George (Missing)
Guerra, Genevieve (Unlisted)
Guerrero, Frank (Missing)
Gutierrez, Norma M. Email Address
Gutierrez, Tommy Phone Numbers Email Address
Haak, Carter James (Deceased)
Haas, Celia Ann (Unlisted)
Hale, Bobby Jack (Missing)
Hall, Arthur (Missing)
Hamilton, JoAnn E. (Unlisted)
Haning, Peggy (Missing)
Hansen, Donna Marie (Deceased)
Hansen, Ed Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Hansen, Harry (Unlisted)
Hansen, Jan Shaver Email Address
Hansford, Barbara Ann (Unlisted)
Hanson, Grant View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Hardin, Malcolm View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Harrington, Helen Leslie (Missing)
Harris, Jean (Unlisted)
Harris, Nancy (Deceased)
Harrison, Carol (Missing)
Harrison, Geneva (Unlisted)
Harrison, Kenneth (Unlisted)
Harrison, Margaret Elizabeth (Unlisted)
Hawman, Jimmy R. Email Address
Hayner, William Senderling (Deceased)
Hayton, Dorothy Jane (Deceased)
Heath, Mary Ann (Deceased)
Heathman, Ken View Biography Email Address
Hecker, Janice Lynn (Unlisted)
Hedgecorth, Ernest View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Hermosillo, Maria Elena (Missing)
Hernandez, Arnulfo Arvizu (Unlisted)
Hernandez, Bea (Missing)
Hernandez, Joe (Missing)
Herrell, Toni Michelle (Unlisted)
Herrera, Delilah (Unlisted)
Herrera, Jimmy C. (Missing)
Herzog, Mary Allene (Missing)
Hidalgo, Pauline Albillar (Deceased)
Hill, Alton View Biography (Unlisted)
Hill, Dalton View Biography (Unlisted)
Hill, Jeanne (Missing)
Hill, Ralph Louis (Missing)
Hines, Sharon (Unlisted)
Hinojos, Candido C. (Missing)
Hinojosa, Patricia Banegas (Unlisted)
Hobbs, Judy Ann View Biography (Deceased)
Hodges, Jimmy Lynn View Biography (Deceased)
Holguin, Gregory (Missing)
Holguin, Martha Sylvia (Deceased)
Hollinger, Keith Hale (Deceased)
Holmberg, Willa Jean View Biography (Deceased)
Holmes, La Veta Darline (Missing)
Holt, Larry Kay (Missing)
Horcasitas, Porfirio (Pete) Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Hough, Suzanne (Unlisted)
Hover, Robert Email Address
Hughes, Starke (Unlisted)
Infante, David Jojola (Missing)
Inman, Hoyt L. (Unlisted)
Inman, Tommy Henry View Biography (Deceased)
Irvin, Robert W. (Missing)
Jackson, Donald (Missing)
Jackson, James Kenneth (Unlisted)
Jackson, Mary Ann (Missing)
Jackson, Matt (James Madison) (Unlisted)
Jacquez, Uvaldo M. (Deceased)
Jaquez, Joe Ernest (Missing)
Jaramillo, Abram E. (Deceased)
Jaurigue, Robert (Unlisted)
Jennings, Barbara (Missing)
Jensen, Linda Sue (Missing)
Jimenez, Delia Aranda (Missing)
Jimenez, Lidia Cruz (Missing)
Johns, David (Unlisted)
Johnson, Estelle Margaret (Unlisted)
Johnson, Floy Larry (Unlisted)
Johnson, James Donavon (Missing)
Johnson, Jo Ann (Missing)
Jones, Donald J. (Unlisted)
Jones, Howard Cecil (Missing)
Jones, John David (Missing)
Jones, Karen (Unlisted)
Jones, Linda Kay (Missing)
Jones, Margaret (Missing)
Keding, Ann Clyrene (Missing)
Keller, Andrew A. (Missing)
Kennedy, William Walter (Unlisted)
Kerwin, Timothy Hugh (Missing)
King, Mike D. (Missing)
Kirby, Doug Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Kirvin, Francis Darrell (Unlisted)
Knox, James Gregory (Missing)
Koenig, Victor Paul (Unlisted)
Korchinski, John E View Biography (Deceased)
Kovar, Rodney Dane (Unlisted)
Kropp, Julie Ann (Missing)
Krumm, Allen E. (Missing)
Kucera, Jean (Missing)
Kurth, Robert (Missing)
La Brec, Kathleen Marie (Missing)
Lake, Larry (Unlisted)
Landon, Beth (Missing)
Lankford, Wayland Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
LaPoint, Stephen Gerald (Unlisted)
Lara, Abel (Missing)
Larkin, Richard Warren (Missing)
Larrick, Judy Marie (Unlisted)
Leach, David F. (Missing)
Leach, Freddie L. (Unlisted)
Legate, Ollie Fae (Unlisted)
Levlon, Teena Barbara (Missing)
Lilley, Robert Edward (Unlisted)
Lindsey, Glenda Vian (Missing)
Little, Marilyn (Missing)
Lofton, Frank Wesley (Missing)
Lonsway, Peggy Ann (Unlisted)
Loomis, Neil (Unlisted)
Loper, Roger D. (Missing)
Lopez, Angelina Mayers (Missing)
Lopez, Ida Angelina (Unlisted)
Lopez, Raul Edward (Deceased)
Lorenz, Douglas Thurlow (Unlisted)
Lorsen, Bernadine (Missing)
Lovejoy, George Charles (Deceased)
Loya, Linda Maxine (Missing)
Lucero, Albert Mirabal (Unlisted)
Lucero, Alfred Eugene (Missing)
Lucero, Daniel View Biography & Photo (Unlisted)
Lucero, Dennis View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Lucero, Fred B. (Deceased)
Lucero, Freddie (Unlisted)
Lucero, Isabel B. (Unlisted)
Lucero, Mary Frances (Missing)
Lucero, Patricia Ann (Missing)
Lucero, Roberta Ann View Biography (Deceased)
Lucero, Teri (Mary Theresa) (Unlisted)
Lucky, Richard (Missing)
Lujan, Emma Holguin (Missing)
Lujan, Martha Jean (Missing)
Lujan, Paula Roque (Missing)
Lujan, Rose Linda (Missing)
Lungstrom, Roger Wayne (Deceased)
Lunsford, Wayne (Unlisted)
Lynch, Larry Don (Missing)
Lynch, Stephen Douglas Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Lynn, Francis James (Missing)
Madrid, Eva DeLaO (Missing)
Madrid, Fred (Missing)
Madrid, Patricia View Photo (Unlisted)
Maese, Gloria Jean View Biography (Deceased)
Maese, Raymond B. Email Address
Maestas, Joseph (Missing)
Mahres, Lonnie Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Maldonado, Gloria Jean (Missing)
Mallard, Bobbie H. View Biography Email Address
Marion, Stephen F. View Biography (Deceased)
Marquez, Lidia Quezada (Missing)
Marquez, Manuela Quezada (Unlisted)
Marshall, Jessie L. (Missing)
Marshall, Richard (Missing)
Martens, Bruce R. (Deceased)
Martinez, Frank G. (Missing)
Martinez, Pete (Missing)
Martinez, Robert M. View Biography Email Address
Martinez, Vera Jean (Missing)
Matlock, Larry View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Matthews, Toni (Missing)
Maxwell, Billie Jean (Unlisted)
Maynez, Alfonso Patrick (Deceased)
McArdle, James (Missing)
McClure, Jerry Don View Biography (Deceased)
McCullough, Rosette M. (Unlisted)
McDonald, Leroy (Unlisted)
McGinley, Karin View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address Personal Website Facebook Profile
McGuire, Timothy View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
McKinley, Robert Phone Numbers Email Address
McKinney, Jim Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
McLaughlin, Bill (Billy) View Biography Email Address
McLaughlin, Margaret Claire (Missing)
McNees, Merritt (Missing)
Means, Stephen Duane (Deceased)
Meeks, Larry Joe (Missing)
Melendrez, Abdon (Missing)
Melendrez, Eduardo Pablo (Unlisted)
Mendoza, Edward R. (Deceased)
Mendoza, Gilbert (Unlisted)
Mendoza, Jimmy (Missing)
Metz, Larry Leigh (Unlisted)
Meyer, Audie Marie (Missing)
Meza, Maria Guadalupe (Unlisted)
Michon, Dave A. (Missing)
Miller, Bonita Rose (Missing)
Mills, Charles Ron (Deceased)
Mills, Jeannie (Unlisted)
Mirabal, Gilbert (Missing)
Misquez, Connie Trujillo (Missing)
Misquez, Esperanza B. (Missing)
Misquez, Ramon M. (Missing)
Mitchell, Diane Ozel (Missing)
Modern, Mike View Biography (Unlisted)
Molina, Consuelo Baquera (Missing)
Molina, Jesus C. (Tunie) (Unlisted)
Montalvo, Ruben (Unlisted)
Montes, Barbara Ann (Missing)
Montoya, Dolores Herrera (Deceased)
Montoya, Eddie R. (Missing)
Montoya, Michael R. (Missing)
Montoya, Minerva Martinez (Missing)
Montoya, Rebecca Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Montoya, Rick (Unlisted)
Montoya, Sammy (Unlisted)
Moore, Jeff Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address (Deceased)
Morales, Ofelia Garcia (Unlisted)
Morris, Linda Barker (Missing)
Morrison, Jeanne Ann (Unlisted)
Mott, Jennifer (Missing)
Mourning, Connie Marie (Unlisted)
Muffley, Russell L. (Missing)
Mummaw, Tana Lee (Unlisted)
Munoz, Jane (Missing)
Munson, Barbara Lynn (Unlisted)
Murphy, Maxine (Missing)
Murray, Charolette Louise (Unlisted)
Murray, Danny A. View Biography (Deceased)
Myers, Dorothy Sue (Missing)
Narvaez, Dolly (Dolores Anne) (Unlisted)
Needham, Lou Ann (Unlisted)
Nelson, James Arnold View Biography (Unlisted)
Nemesh, John A. (Missing)
Newell, Joe Ben (Unlisted)
Nicklas, Linda Dee (Missing)
Nicolitz, Ernst (Unlisted)
Nieto, Raymond Estrada (Missing)
NuƱez, Mike Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Nusbaum, Hank View Biography (Unlisted)
O'Laughlin, Thomas Conner (Unlisted)
Odenwelder, David B. (Unlisted)
Olhausen, William (Missing)
Olivarez, Lupe Ruiz (Unlisted)
Oliver, Donnie Winstel (Unlisted)
Oman, Kester LaFel (Unlisted)
OrduƱez, Susie Brionez (Missing)
Orean, Allen L. View Photo Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Orta, Jose D. (Unlisted)
Otero, Jose Hernandez (Deceased)
Owen, Stephen Richard (Unlisted)
Pack, Mike (Unlisted)
Padilla, Benjamin Flores (Unlisted)
Padilla, Gloria Jane (Missing)
Palmer, Barbara Jean (Missing)
Parker, Kenneth (Deceased)
Parker, Michelle View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Parra, Mary (Missing)
Parra, Mary Helen (Missing)
Paul, Phyllis Email Address
Paxson, Robert Phone Numbers Email Address
Payne, Brenda Email Address
Payne, Phala Sue (Unlisted)
Payne, Vic Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Pearce, Richard I. (Unlisted)
Pena, Angelica Olivia (Missing)
Pena, Baltazar Junior (Unlisted)
Penix, Carol (Unlisted)
Perez, Mary R. (Missing)
Perry, David Martin (Unlisted)
Peters, Penelope Sue (Missing)
Peterson, Sandy (Missing)
Pettes, Alfred (Unlisted)
Pettes, Shirley (Unlisted)
Phillips, John H. (Unlisted)
Pickett, John Charles (Unlisted)
Pitts, Bill (Missing)
Poisall, Charles Edward (Unlisted)
Polanco, Albert M. (Unlisted)
Poole, Bill Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Portillo, Yolanda P. (Missing)
Prevatte, Sheila Lynn View Biography (Deceased)
Prewitt, Topper (Unlisted)
Proctor, Carolyn Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Proctor, Linda Lee (Missing)
Puckett, Linda Lucille (Missing)
Purcell, Charles Lemuel (Unlisted)
Quintana, Hubert Email Address
Quiroz, Mary View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Ralston, Randolph 'Randy' Marion (Deceased)
Ramirez, Carla Phone Numbers Email Address
Ramirez, Elsie Eva (Unlisted)
Ramirez, Ernestine Fierro (Missing)
Ramirez, Juanita (Missing)
Ramirez, Ramon (Missing)
Ramzy, Jacqueline Marie (Unlisted)
Ramzy, Leon Henderson (Deceased)
Rel, Enedina A. (Missing)
Reynolds, Mike View Biography (Deceased)
Rhyne, Jeanette (Unlisted)
Richards, Linda View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Richardson, John (Missing)
Rierson, Cheryl (Missing)
Rierson, JoAnn Stern (Missing)
Rigney, Lynn View Biography Email Address
Ringwood, Michael Edwin (Missing)
Rios, Ruth Rodriguez (Missing)
Risner, John Milton (Deceased)
Ritter, Sallie (Unlisted)
Rivera, Dolores Gertrude (Missing)
Rivera, Pete Aljundro (Unlisted)
Robles, Estella (Missing)
Rocha, Juan Francisco (Unlisted)
Rodriguez, Emma Ramos (Unlisted)
Rodriguez, Ernest Cordero (Unlisted)
Rodriguez, Irene (Missing)
Rodriguez, Lucia C. (Missing)
Rodriguez, Marie (Missing)
Rodriguez, Martha Isela (Unlisted)
Rodriguez, Mary O. (Missing)
Rodriguez, Raymond C. (Unlisted)
Rodriquez, Toni (Missing)
Rogers, L. Grant (Unlisted)
Romero, Gloria Jean (Unlisted)
Romero, Linda (Sara Irmalinda) (Unlisted)
Romero, Ralph Richard (Deceased)
Romney, Lawrence A. (Unlisted)
Root, Ronald View Biography & Photo Mailing Address
Rosales, Alfredo (Missing)
Rosas, Paula Ramirez (Unlisted)
Rose, Mary Lynn (Unlisted)
Rose, Thomas Allen (Missing)
Ross, Donna Lee (Unlisted)
Roundtree, Johnny (Missing)
Rugely, Dave Lee (Unlisted)
Ruiz, Gloria (Unlisted)
Ruiz, Juanita A. (Missing)
Rundell, Larry K (Deceased)
Runyan, Michael Lynn (Missing)
Russell, Debbie Rene (Missing)
Salas, Carmen Esquivel (Missing)
Salas, Maria Theresa View Biography (Deceased)
Salinas, Lilia N. (Missing)
Sambrano, Freddie Trujillo (Unlisted)
Samford, Sandra (Missing)
Sanchez, Abraham M (Deceased)
Sanchez, Alex John (Unlisted)
Sanchez, Alma O. (Deceased)
Sanchez, Dolores Acevez (Unlisted)
Sanchez, Gloria (Missing)
Sanchez, Jackie (Missing)
Sanchez, Yolanda (Missing)
Sanders, Edward Ernest (Unlisted)
Sanders, Jacinto (Jack) (Unlisted)
Sanders, Nell Mailing Address Email Address
Saucedo, Fred (Missing)
Saunders, Jack (Unlisted)
Saunders, James David (Unlisted)
Savage, Jerry Business Website
Schatzabel, Jeffie Lou Ann (Unlisted)
Schell, Kirstan Lee (Missing)
Scoggin, Pat Email Address
Scott, Adrian Wayne (Deceased)
Scott, Arthur M. View Biography (Deceased)
Scott, Mary Jane (Unlisted)
Scott, Mary Katherine (Unlisted)
Scott, Paula (Unlisted)
Seal, Diane (Unlisted)
Sena, Elvira A. Email Address
Serecerez, Gloria (Unlisted)
Serna, Manuel (Missing)
Serna, Manuel (Missing)
Serna, Stella (Missing)
Setzer, Linda Christine (Missing)
Sholes, Jean E-Von Email Address
Silva, Eddie Joe (Unlisted)
Silva, Mary (Unlisted)
Silva, Mike (Deceased)
Simmons, Phyllis (Missing)
Simpson, Frank B. Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Simpson, Linda Marie (Unlisted)
Simpson, Shirley Phone Numbers Email Address
Sims, Terry (Deceased)
Simulia, Nicholas W. (Unlisted)
Singh, Kenneth View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Smith, Dennis (Unlisted)
Smith, Martha (Marty) Catherine (Unlisted)
Smith, Mary Cardon (Missing)
Smith, Melvin Bernard (Missing)
Smith, Ralph Email Address
Snodgrass, Lana Jean (Missing)
Socolofsky, Robert D (Dan) Phone Numbers
Soesbe, Rod Lynn (Unlisted)
Soria, Angie M. (Deceased)
Soto, Elizabeth Ann (Unlisted)
Sparger, Nancy Ruth (Unlisted)
Spaulding, Penny (Unlisted)
Spencer , David (Unlisted)
Spongberg, Sharon E. (Unlisted)
Springer, Jane Merridith (Unlisted)
St. John, John David (Deceased)
Stages, Phoebe Jane (Unlisted)
Statham, Donald R. (Unlisted)
Stauffer, Sandra Lee (Missing)
Sterling, Cheela Kay (Missing)
Stevenson, Kay Email Address
Stewart, Donald W. (Missing)
Stewart, Nancy (Missing)
Stockton, Brooky R. (Missing)
Stoddard, Arthur (Missing)
Strand , Bobbie (Unlisted)
Stream, Stephanie Ann (Unlisted)
Stripling, Suzy (Unlisted)
Stull, Karen (Unlisted)
Sturtz, Sheila Ginley (Unlisted)
Swab, William D. (Missing)
Swinson, Ronald D. (Unlisted)
Taft, Kenneth R. (Missing)
Tapia, Josephina (Unlisted)
Tarin III, Abraham Provencio (Unlisted)
Taylor, Robert M (Unlisted)
Telles, Irene Yolanda View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Telles, Sonny (Elfego Gonzales) (Deceased)
Telles, Victor S. (Missing)
Tellez, Manuel Wilson (Missing)
Tellez, Pablo Lucero View Biography (Deceased)
Templeton, Sid (Unlisted)
Terry, Roberta (Missing)
Thacker, Marsha (Unlisted)
Tharp, Rod (Unlisted)
Thomas, Judy Elizabeth (Unlisted)
Thomason, Spencer Campbell (Missing)
Thompson, Patricia Lou View Biography (Deceased)
Thompson, Peggy Lynn (Unlisted)
Thomson, Linda Kay (Missing)
Thorpe, Phillip Dean (Deceased)
Thrasher, David Ellis (Unlisted)
Tidwell, Frankie Gene (Missing)
Tillman, Gary Phone Numbers Email Address
Tillman, Susan Phone Numbers Email Address
Tillotson, Ray (Missing)
Tipton, John Ray (Unlisted)
Torres, Edward V. (Missing)
Torres, Olga Jane (Missing)
Torres, Rudy Eugene (Unlisted)
Triste, Vickie Carmen (Missing)
Triviz, Margaret Irene (Unlisted)
Triviz, Rita Phone Numbers
Trujillo, Doris Consuelo (Unlisted)
Trujillo, Olga (Missing)
Trujillo, Theodore V. (Unlisted)
Turner, Nina (Missing)
Turner, Wayne Lester (Unlisted)
Turrentine, Janie Kaye (Missing)
Twyeffort, Dale K. (Unlisted)
Urzua, Kito Amador (Unlisted)
Uttley, Hal (Unlisted)
Valdez, Albert (Missing)
Valenzuela, Freddy Pacheco (Missing)
Van Noy, Linda Phone Numbers
Van Winkle, Peggy R. (Missing)
Vantine, Helen View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers (Deceased)
Vargas, Adam A. (Unlisted)
Vasilakis, Anthony J. (Unlisted)
Vasquez, Abraham S. (Unlisted)
Vega, Dolores G. (Missing)
Vega, Hector (Missing)
Vielma, David Gonzales (Unlisted)
Villalpando, Raul PeƱa (Deceased)
Villegas, Ricardo Valles (Deceased)
Waggoner, Virginia Lee (Unlisted)
Wagner, Barbara Rea (Unlisted)
Walker, David Leonard (Missing)
Wall, Brent (Missing)
Wallace, James Email Address
Wallace, Jeanne Ruth (Unlisted)
Warden, Linda (Unlisted)
Warnke, Buddy View Biography & Photo (Unlisted)
Weathers, Billy (Missing)
Welton, Burrell Aaron (Unlisted)
Wheeler, James Ellis (Missing)
White, Jerry (Unlisted)
White, Pam Mailing Address Email Address
White, Patricia Ann (Missing)
White, Stuart Robert (Unlisted)
Whitefield, Lytle Briggs (Missing)
Whiteker, Dona Gail (Unlisted)
Whitfield, Susan View Biography Email Address
Whiting, David Bruce (Missing)
Whitney, Geoffrey P. (Unlisted)
Wilcox, Bob (Missing)
Wiley, Joseph James (Deceased)
Wilke, Candace Lee (Missing)
Williams, Cheryl Lynn (Unlisted)
Williams, Clarence Joseph (Missing)
Williams, Marsha Ann (Unlisted)
Williams, Richard F. (Missing)
Williamson, Brian D. (Unlisted)
Williamson, Gary A. (Missing)
Williston, Kent View Biography & Photo Email Address
Wills, Lynn Dwight (Unlisted)
Wills, Ron Mailing Address Email Address
Wingo, Dorcey View Biography (Unlisted)
Witt, Erwin Garry (Unlisted)
Wohlenberg, Michael E. (Deceased)
Wood, Mary View Biography & Photo (Unlisted)
Wood, Theodore (Ted) View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address Personal Website Business Website
Wright, Martha Ann (Missing)
Yanaga, Theodore 'Teddy' (Deceased)
Yanez, Elvira T. (Missing)
Yaryan, Van (Missing)
Young, William (Unlisted)
Youngblood, Patricia Mae (Missing)
Youngblood, Robert Matt (Unlisted)
Yount, Carol Ann (Missing)
Zellefrow, William Kenneth View Biography (Unlisted)
Zertuche, David Hernandez (Unlisted)
Zickefoose, Linda Ferne Email Address
Ziehl, Johnny (Unlisted)
Zinn, Vickie Leah Email Address
Zuniga, Adolfo O. (Missing)

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