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Las Cruces High School Class of 1965 - Latest News

05-30-2015 -
Minutes for Meeting of May 28, 2015
Last night, the committee met at Main Street Bistro. Those in attendance included Sharon (Alberson) Erwin, Barbara Camunez, Eddie Gallegos, Mike Groves, Jim Hawman, Freddy Lucero, Jim McKinney, Charlotte (Murray) Winans, Johnny Pickett, Lynn (Rigney) Richardson, Frank Simpson, Kay (Stevenson) Petracek, Stevie (Stream) Pack, Rita Triviz, Jerry White, Jeanne (Wallace) Garland, and Jerry Winans.  Thanks to all that attend these important meetings.  We always have many good laughs and reminiscence while conducting the business of the month outlined below:
� To date, we have good contact information for 224 classmates, 39 more are in-progress. These 39 were recently sent newsletters via the Post Office to the best addresses available. A significant remaining challenge is finding the remaining 400+ classmates.  We have 64 classmates that indicated they plan to attend yet have received only 41 payments for both classmates and spouses. We encourage everyone planning to come to send in their payments now.  In order to secure the meeting locations, we have guaranteed that 200 people will attend.  The 41 is well short of what we had to guarantee, especially considering that October 9th will be here very quickly.
� The committee recognizes the exhaustive work by Susan Arnold Jesinsky to find missing classmates.  She spends many, many hours each day using her well honed super sleuthing techniques researching to find them through many sources.  Thank you so much, Susan.
� Due to PayPal requirements to hold our money for 3 weeks after someone pays with a credit card, it was decided to stop taking PayPal payments on August 31st.  In addition, due to the importance of getting the payments in well ahead of the Reunion, we are also raising the price to $100 per person for registrations September 1st and later.  Again, we need to have a guarantee of 200, but if the number is going to go higher, we need to know the final number enough in advance to order sufficient food.
� Jim McKinney will set up the budget; he is using QuickBooks accounting software to keep us on target.   To date, we have collected $3,400, a long way from the break-even target.
� Lynn Richardson gave an inclusive report on the Sunday Brunch arrangements. This includes the Women�s Improvement Association building, east of Pioneer Park, for the food preparation, tables and chairs. For an additional cost of $50, we can reserve the Gazebo at Pioneer Park to ensure the spill over area onto the park.  This would enable a larger area for families and grandchildren to enjoy the festivities. The food will be provided by the committee members and any other volunteers. Lynn is creating the menu, and asks that you let her know what you intend to bring, as well as, whether or not you could use your kitchen to heat food so it arrives hot to the park.  If your favorite brunch dish is a �serve at room temperature dish,� even better. Food is not the only way to contribute to the brunch.  You could bring plastic ware, napkins, utensils, etc. Bring what you can.  You may reach Lynn by clicking on this email address:
� In addition to all the plans that Lynn made, Eddie Gallegos suggested we look into using the Court Jr. High facility for the brunch, since it has a fully working kitchen, which would make things easier.  Jim McKinney and Kay Petracek have an appointment with Mark Hartshorn on Wednesday, June 3rd, to discuss the cost of using that facility rather than the WIA building.
� Stevie Pack will check on the menu again and talk to the new chef at Picacho Hills, so we can firm it up far in advance. She will also check out the best possible decoration ideas. We were contacted by Ray Sandoval, whom offered us some centerpieces from Class of 1964 reunion.  Kay will make contact and pick them up.  Jim McKinney will talk to Jeff Moore about entertaining us during dinner on Saturday night.  Charlotte Winans signed the contract on our behalf for the band, also to play on Saturday, from 8 to 10PM for $600.
� Barbara Camunez has planned some creative �bulldoggish� decorations, mostly pictures from our past for Friday night at La Posta.  Jeanne Garland volunteered to help.  This should be good.
� Jim McKinney, Rita Triviz, Jeanne Garland and Charlotte Winans will work on the badges.
� More work is continuing on the Memorials as well as the yearbook pictures on the Website.  Rita Triviz and Dennis Finn and others have worked tirelessly.
� Jim Hawman brought a copy of the LCHS Crosses Yearbook from 1947, the year many of us were born.  Some of our faculty members are in there!  The annual was discovered by our classmate Steve Owen, President of the Grants County Historical Society.  Thanks to Jim and Steve.
� Kay Petracek suggested that in concert with the continued effort to find missing classmates, we start a campaign to ask those �already found� if they plan to attend.  We will discuss this again at the next meeting.
� Frank Simpson proposed that Bulldogs from other classes be allowed to attend if they so desire and make the payment.  The committee agreed.  Faculty members will be guest attendees.
� We will do another Newsletter update in June.
� NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING: Tuesday, June 23 at the Main Street Bistro at 6:00 PM.

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