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Las Cruces High School Class of 1965 - Latest News

07-16-2015 -
LCHS 65 Reunion Committee Agenda – Tuesday, July 21, 2015
LCHS 65 Reunion Committee Agenda � July 21, 2015



1.  Pre-reunion action items
   a. Status of Classmate Contacts
      �  Research results (Susan, Ron, Phoebe, Susie, Rita)
      �  Telephone contact (Judy, Kay, John, Ralph)
      �  Latest mailing / emailing
   b. Sub-committee (contact classmates to determine intent)
   c. Financial Report
      �  Budget Report
          �  La Posta - pricing for 100, 150, 200, 250
          �  Picacho Hills - pricing for 100, 150, 200, 250
      �  Financial Statement
2.  Reunion action items
   a. Friday, October 9th
      �  Decorations
      �  Check in
          �  Procedures
          �  Update on Badges (Charlotte, Rita, Jeanne, Jim)
          �  Update on Gift bags
   b. Saturday, October 10th
      �  Status of Memorial Service at Veterans Park
      �  LCHS Tour Update � Rita Triviz
      �  Picacho Hills Country Club event update - Stevie Pack
          �  Decorations for Picacho Hills, if any � Who will do this?
          �  Centerpieces from Class of 64 reunion - Kay Petracek
   c. Sunday, October 11th
      �  Brunch menu update, what are we missing - Lynn Richardson
      �  Jeff Moore (needs?, plans)
3.  Newsletter content for August
4.  Next meeting (options August 25th or 27th)


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