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Las Cruces High School Class of 1965 - Guestbook

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Janice Neaves - 07-03-2016
Either one would work for me unless i am in California at that time. I will try my best to make the gathering.
David Gilmer - 07-03-2016
Either date works for me.
Ken Heathman - 07-03-2016
The 10th of September won't work for me. The 17th probably would.
Jim Hawman - 07-03-2016
Either date works for me.
Rich Pearce - 07-03-2016
10th is probably the only date for me.
Sharon Erwin - 07-03-2016
The 10th is better for me.
TANA Hiltz - 07-03-2016
Sept 17 sounds good.
Jim McKinney - 07-03-2016
I plan to attend.  Either date works for me.  Look forward to seeing lots of folks at a bit cooler time of year.
Kay Stevenson Petracek - 07-03-2016
Sounds great😃 Looking forward to it.  Either date is good for me, hope we have a good response.
Jeffie Schatzabel Nevarez - 11-06-2015
I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance before now to respond, but better late than never huh.  Kudos to everyone on the committee for an outstanding job done.  You put forth your best effort, and it showed!  I had such a good time and am so glad I attended.  It was wonderful to see old friends and classmates, and hopefully, we can look forward sometime in the future to do this again.
Shirley DeVillez Jarrett - 11-02-2015
Really enjoyed seeing so many 1965 grads at the reunion. The committee did such a great job putting this all together. The memorial service was very touching and warmed my heart. My husband serviced for 26 years through 3 different wars and I have one of my brothers on the wall. The tour of the school was really something else. Overall, I would say we were a great looking bunch. Lol
Roberta Lucero Sewell - 10-17-2015
A big thank you to the reunion committee!  It was great to see so many and spend most of the time reminiscing with friends.

The military tribute at Veterans' Park was a moving experience.  Thanks to Johnny Pickett, Sammy Montoya, and others .

Yes, we've aged, but we still have that 'Bullog Spirit!'  (Does anyone else want dance lessons from Kenny Heathman and his lovely wife.?!)
Ken Heathman - 10-14-2015
I thought that reunion was pretty neat. Wished I had gone to my 30th now. The committee did a superb job of organizing and managing the events. Other than seeing and visiting with classmates; and by the way many of you have not changed very much, I was blown-away by that killer home-cooked brunch on Sunday at Court Jr. High. The recipes for those stunning dishes need to be placed on this website, if no where else, so the ladies receive credit for their artistry, and we can get a 'fix' when needed.

I'm hopeful there will be a 55th reunion. That would give me a good reason to return to Cruces, and probably the only opportunity to see some people that are very special to me. Don't change the agenda, or the venues. You nailed it. Well done!
irene yolanda telles-giles - 10-10-2015
I am sad was not able to make this weekend. I wish one and all a great time! Hope to see more of ya on classmates. Dance one for me, Gene Duran,  Sammy Montoya and all remember me!  Go Texas U.
Mary Wood Altus - 10-09-2015
When I  look in a mirror I wonder who that old lady is looking back at me.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone....I especially hope some of my old orchestra buddies will show up.  Sooooo many years have passed. Not even the horrific flooding taking place in Columbia, SC could keep me away from our reunion. (I just hope our home will be standing when I go home.)

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